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Senior Center members smiling warmly

About Friends of The Center

Friends of The Center was established in 2003 to provide philanthropic support to the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center, which serves adults ages 50+ throughout our community.

Friends of The Center plays an important role in supporting healthy lifestyles for seniors. As an IRC Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization — and with your generous support — Friends helps fill the growing gap between The Center’s annual budget and funding provided by the City of Iowa City. We accomplish this through private gifts from generous folks like you.

You can be assured that Friends makes every dollar count! Your donations help The Center provide its 1,500+ members with access to a wide variety of programs, classes and equipment, as well as public events. When you support Friends of The Center, you can feel good about helping people maintain active minds and bodies and remain engaged in the community!
Through fundraising and community-based initiatives, Friends of The Center supports The Center in its work to enrich the community and improve the quality of life for adults over 50.
Friends of The Center will raise sufficient funds to create a self-sustaining and thriving Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center.
Friends of The Center (FOTC) board members, staff, and volunteers are guided by FOTC’s Code of Ethical Standards, which is grounded in a set of values that guide the work of individuals involved in fundraising.  Adherence to these values results in integrity in personal, professional, organizational, and public lives.

Values Promoted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethics 
An ethical fundraiser aspires to:
  • Observe and adhere to the FOTC Code of Ethics and all relevant laws and regulations;
  • Build personal confidence and public support by being trustworthy in all circumstances;
  • Practice honesty in relationships;
  • Be accountable for professional, organizational, and public behavior;
  • Be transparent and forthcoming in all dealings; and,
  • Serve the public trust.
We strive to live out these values, which are at the heart of our public character as philanthropic fundraisers, and to grow in our ethical understanding and practice.

Friends Are Making a Difference Today

Thanks to our generous donors, during the most recent fiscal year:

  • 335 low- to moderate-income area residents received AARP tax aid
  • 855 seniors received free, unbiased Medicare counseling
  • 117 community members discussed and documented their health care preferences with certified Advance Care Planning facilitators
  • 61 seniors received free, confidential legal consultations
Fiscal Year 2017