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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Friends of The Center, Board of Directors

The Friends Board of Directors plays a key role in fundraising and donor relations to support The Center and its long-term financial stability. We encourage any Center members or community volunteers who are interested in serving on the Friends board and/or its committees to contact Michelle at 319-356-5222 or to learn more.

Michelle Buhman

Michelle Buhman, Secretary/Treasurer

Phone: 319-356-5222

Michelle has worked at the Senior Center since 1997. She works with a wide variety of community organizations, volunteers and the Program Committee to create fun and innovative programs. She is always open to new ideas and to your feedback. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts or offering a program, be sure to visit her on the Mezzanine. Michelle enjoys spending time with family, learning new things, exercising and volunteering.

The Center has been there for me

“The Senior Center has been there for me in my retirement. I have enjoyed many classes. I love playing in the band that practices in the facility. I enjoy the openness of the staff to try new ideas. I love the building and am glad to contribute financially to augment the services that already exist.”

Martha Lubaroff Senior Center Member and Volunteer