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George Khal

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New Assistive Listening System Thanks to Generous Donors

The Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center recently installed additional hearing assistive technologies to better serve community members with hearing loss thanks to a generous donation from George Khal, Olga Sassine and an anonymous contributor.

George Khal has a hearing aid but also utilizes hearing assistive devices at home to help him hear the television and telephone more clearly. Despite significant advances in hearing aids and cochlear implants, these devices are frequently not enough to enable users to hear and understand what is being communicated in different settings and are often insufficient in public spaces like the Center. Khal was thrilled to learn that the Center offers assistive listening systems in two classrooms, which allow anyone with hearing difficulties to fully participate and enjoy in a wide variety of programs and classes. After struggling to hear a program in the Center’s large assembly room Khal set out to equip the space with similar systems by spearheading the donation of an additional wireless FM system to provide auditory assistance in the building’s largest room.  

“I am an advocate for better hearing so that we can truly understand and enjoy the programs and especially to reduce the isolation that many seniors experience because of their hearing loss,” said Kahl.

Assistive listening systems and devices bridge the gap between the listener and the sound source by eliminating the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation. Individuals attending programs or events in the Assembly Room, Room 202 or Room 208 at the Center can use personal FM receivers anywhere within the coverage area to hear crystal-clear sound directly from the sound source. Each of these spaces are also available to the public to rent for special events.

Khal shared, “I look forward to coming class at the Center every time... I am hoping that when participants use the new assistive listening systems they will enjoy and benefit from the great program offerings that The Center provides.”

The Center's staff is thrilled to have this new technology available. Please join us in thanking these generous Friends of The Center.

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Date: February 21, 2019