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Our Supporters

Senior Center members and other generous individuals and organizations that become Friends of The Center are our heroes. Their generous support – whether through annual contributions, deferred gift commitments or other forms of philanthropy – provides an increasingly vital portion of The Center’s revenue stream.

From purchasing new equipment and hosting nationally known speakers, to providing support for our low-income scholarship fund, Friends of The Center help us enhance our services to Center members and the community as a whole. 

We are pleased to recognize our Friends contributors (gifts from July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018) in the honor roll below. Every gift makes a difference.

Thank you for your generous support! 

$5,000 and more


Kathy Mitchell

River Products Company



Judy and Eddie Allen


Friends of Iowa City New Horizons Band

Dr. Mark A. Holbrook

Ina and Gerhard Loewenberg

Arnold and Meenal Menezes

Linda and Paul Muhly

Ed Rolenc

Olga Sassine

Helmut and Mara Schrott



David and Norma Carlson

Syndy and Jim Conger

Shari Davis

Mary and Lud Gutmann

Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Michael Loewenberg


University of Iowa Senior College


$500 - $999

Craig and Michelle Buhman

Jo Catalano

Margaret and Chuck Felling

Gordon Goldsmith

Don R. Haines

Dr. Benny F. Hawkins Sr.

Jay and Nancy Honohan

Margery Hoppin

Mary Kindred

Michael J. Lensing

Frank Mitros and Monica Maloney-Mitros

Doran Pearson

Chet and Joanne Woodman


$250 - $499

Kathryn Adams

Anonymous (6)

Oscar Beasley

Bob and Barb Bradley

Lorraine T. Dorfman

Family Folk Machine

Douglas E. Flynn

Beatrice A. Furner

Gordon Goldsmith and Sara Henryson

Ed Heffron and Louise Murray

Julie Hegmann and Norlin Boyd

Bernita Howe

Joni Jones

Kathy and James Keasler

Arts Iowa City

Gregory and Jane Kovaciny

Nancy Luther

Barbara Magnotta

Mary Miller

Tyler Priest and Landon Storrs

Gillian Raw

Susan H. Rogers

Liz Schwaigert

Hazel Seaba

John and Sally Staley

Marlene and Bill Stanford

Judith Sutherland

Kerstin Van Gilder

Pete and Dee Vanderhoef


$150 - $249

Kent and Kay Ackerson

Alice and Kendall Atkinson

Barbara Bailey and Del Holland

Anonymous (3)

Thomas Carlisle and Barbara Booth

Lynne Cannon

Ed and Judy Carpenter

Jane Dohrmann and Don Anderson

Maggie Elliott

Marty Fields

Sue Forde

Dorie Forkenbrock

Katy and Peter Hansen

Ellis W. Hawley

James Hayes

Sohan and Shelagh Hayreh

Dale and Diana Helling

Judith Hendershot

Howard and Jo Hensch

Jack and Nancy Hobbs

Albert and Jean Hood


Ruth Izer

Johnson County Retired School Personnel

Michael and Terry Jones

Charles and Mildred Klasson

Judith and William Klink

William and Judith Knabe

Rose and Doug Korty

Joyce and Philip Leff

Bonnie Love and Wayne Bowman

Martha Lubaroff

Royann Mraz

David and Elizabeth Noyes

Nancy Ostrognai

Robert Otto

Wilma D. Pedersen

Gerald Pike

Margaret R. Polson

Chiyomi Prasidthrathsint

Ron Crawford and Judy Quinn

Kathleen Alling and David Raymond

Tom and Carol Rosenberger

Harry Ruth and Elizabeth O'Hara

John Schmidt and Allison York

Adrian Schoenmaker

George and Alliene Schrimper

Susan Shullaw

Kenneth and Raija Starck

Diane and Mel Sunshine

Mike and Donna Valiga

Kathleen and John Wachel

West Music

Michelle Wiegand

Ronnye and Dennis Wieland

Shirley Wyrick



Dean Abel

Tracey Achenbach

Robert and Pamela Anderson

Anonymous (5)

Olivia Atcherson

Amy Becker

Dave and Janice Bell

Janice and Larry Blake

Kenn and Pat Bowen

Willard and Susan Boyd

Jim and Sandy Bucher

Katherine Burford

Ruth and Gordon Burt

Jeanne Cadoret

Wesley M. Caliger

Arthur and Miriam Canter

Michael and Veronica Chan

Jason and Donna Chen

Joan and Thomas Cook

Florence Cremer

David Curry and Donna Friedman

Carol Deprosse

Karen and David Drake

Vicki Dunbar

Dean Eberly

Emily and Mike Edrington

James and Patricia Ephgrave

Sandra Eskin

Michael Feiss and Cathy Cole

Pamela Fitzgerald

Edward and Mary Flaherty

Joseph and Anne Frankel

Anne Frankel

Geoff and Jenny Fruin

Kenneth and Barbara Gamb

Norma Gehring

Pat Goeldner

James Gulland

Barbara Haring

Charles and Lelia Helms

Del Holland

Kenneth and Janis Hubel

Jon and Collin Kerstetter

Diana Kruse

Linda Krutsinger

Gary Lawrenson and Linda Rice

Mary Ann Letizio and William Heald

Stephen and Jan Locher

Nancy Lynch

Joyce Marner

James and Mary McCue

Barb McGee

Evalee Mickey

Mark Brookfield and Jane Murphy

Ted and Margaret Nelson

James and Jean Neumann

Charles Neuzil

Helene Ohrt

Armond and Polly Pagliai

Barbara and Andrejs Plakans

Jo Richardson

Dorothy Scandurra

Frank L. Schmidt

Tom and Vivian Schulein

Joy Smith and David Rust

Sharon Stubbs

Dick and Joyce Summerwill

Joan W. Summerwill

John Thomas and Sarah Clark

Carol Tobias

Robert and Rita Tomanek

Steve and Robin Ungar

Beth Van Zee

Katherine Walden

Mary Wall

Richard and Laura Walton

Ellen Whale

Jean Whiting

Laurie and Mark Zaiger


Up to $75

Carole Alderdyce

Sharon Anderson

Marsha Anderson

Anonymous (7)

Robert and Claire Ashman

Rick Borchard

Rick and Shelly Brenner

Damita Brown

Rosie Bullington

Leonard and Connie Burkart

Ruth Burt

Joan Buxton

Judith Campbell

Pat and Enid Cancilla

Richard and Ellen Caplan

Janice M Carpenter

Emily Carson

Patricia Cervenka

Cheryll and Gerald Clamon

Denice and Michael Connell

Joan Cook

Bob and Janet Crow

Sue Dallam

Patricia Davis

Ruth Dawson

Bryson Dean

Debbie Debbie Beermann and David Van Dusseldorp

Gerald and Janice Denehy

Pratiksa Desai

Caroline Dieterle

Sherry Dolash

Penny Donahue

Karen and David Drake

Barbara and David Drake

Gayleen Dunphy

Nile and Lois Dusdieker

Judi Earley

Linda Eastman

Sonia Ettinger

Joan Falconer

Elsie Foerstner

Robert Foster

Kay Full

Kenneth and Virginia Gibson

James Gommels

Ann Gorman

Elmeda and Harry Graves

Archie Greene

Jim Gulland

Diana Harris

James and Marjorie Hawtrey

Susan Heredia

Chuck and Anne Hesse

Highland Ridge Senior Living

Marietta Hogan

Kathryn Hove

Patricia Huff

Brent Humble

Lynne Hungerford

Judy and Dick Hupfeld

Dan and Ruthanne Hyduke

Marilyn Irvin

Joan Jehle

Helga Johnson

Anne Judge

Kathleen Kearney

Gloria Keefer

Donald J. Kohout

Gloria and Ed Kottick

Kristin Kromray


Ken and Ruth Kuntz

Kathryn Kurth

Pam Kutschke

George and Phyllis Lance

Bill Landers

Lantern Park

Mary Letizio and William Heald

Linda A Levey

Karl and Vicki Lonngren

Laura Lovell

Janice Lyon

Joanne and Douglas Madsen

Cynthia Martin

Betty J. Marx

Marianne Mason

Alison McGoff

Linda McGuire

Mary McInroy

Dave and Ann McLaughlin

Marijo Mihalopoulos

Mark Miller

Duane and Florence Miller

Alfrieta Monagan

Twyla Morlan

Burdene Lee Morrison

Mr. Craig Mosher

Patrick Murphy

Jerry and Mary Nelson

Polly Nichols-Marshall

Mary Helen Nicklaus

Carrie Z. Norton

Cookie Novak

Jerilynn O'Conner

Ardis O'Dell

Polly Pagliai

Kathy Penningroth

Beth and James Peterson

Joanne Peterson

Francine Pollack

Rob Price

Eunice M. Prosser

Bonnie Ready

Linda Rhea

Nancy Richards

Holly Richardson

Robert Richardson

Gerald Roe

Dawn Rogers

Nancy T Romalov

James Rosenkild

Saturday Morning Yoga Class

Dorothy Schabilion

Mae Schatteman

Eunice and Harold Scheer

Kay Schillig

Edna Schindhelm

Michael Schneider


Marian Schwabbauer

Joanne Shaver

Mark Signs

Simpson Memorial Home

Janet K. Smith

Helene Soper

Susan Spaziani

Anna M Stranieri

Ann Stromquist

Laura Stunz

Joan and Keene Swett

Anne Tanner

Ursula Teggatz

Linda Tevepaugh

Tim and Margaret Tewson

Terry and Jan Thein

Jim Throgmorton

Douglas and Judith Torson

Jim and Grace Tully

Barry and Bronwyn Van Fossen

Linda Wastyn

Martha E Yoak

Ekhard Ziegler

In Memory Of

Matthew Borchard (2000-2016)

Rick Borchard


Gordon Burt

Ruth Burt


Barb Chadima

Shari Davis


Job Chen

Jason and Donna Chen


Bonnie Clark

Mary Helen Nicklaus


Melba Cleveland

Judith Sutherland


Jim Curry

Ina and Gerhard Loewenberg

Kathleen and John Wachel


Jan Denehy

Alice and Kendall Atkinson


Mrs. Marie Hawkins

Benny F. Hawkins Sr.


Ray Heffner

Ed J. Rolenc

Edward and Mary Flaherty

Willard and Susan Boyd

James and Jean Neumann


Brad Humble

Brent Humble


Marilyn Krachmer



Jean Martin

Ann Stromquist


Mary Grace Mayer

Norma Gehring


Amanda T Miller

Jeanne Cadoret


Grover V. Rosenkild

James D. Rosenkild


Sara Lee Schoenmaker

Adrian Schoenmaker

Sgt. Loren G. Teggatz

Ursula Teggatz


George and Minnie Worrell



In Honor Of

AARP Tax Aide

Anonymous (3)

Linda Brown

Craig and Michelle Buhman

Michelle Buhman

Kathy Mitchell

Judy and Jon Cryer

Gloria and Ed Kottick

Dance Team

Highland Ridge Senior Living

Lantern Park

Simpson Memorial Home

Louie DeGrazia

Kathleen Alling and David Raymond


Mary Dusterhoft

Margaret and Chuck Felling

Edward and Mary Flaherty

Sherry Gordon

Pamela Fitzgerald

Leonard and Ilene Greenwood

Kathy Penningroth

Jack and Nancy Hobbs

Gillian Raw

Lynne Goldman Hugerford

Nancy Luther


Linda Kopping
Nearly $35,000 was collected in conjunction with the 2018 spring appeal and to honor Linda’s long and successful career at the Senior Center.


Gerhard and Ina Loewenberg

Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Michael Loewenberg

Michelle Wiegand

Jo Myers-Walker

Maggie Elliott

Jessica Ortiz

Stephen and Jan Locher

Nancy Ostragnai

Kathy Mitchell

Dorothy Scandurra

Ralston Creek Dancers

Emily Carson

Beth Stence

Gillian Raw

Gary Schwartz

Gloria Keefer

Kathryn Hove

Pamela Fitzgerald

Laurie J. Slocum

Tyler Priest and Landon Storrs

SoundReach Choir

West Music